Pauline Ahern

I am an Artisan/Artist living in Nimbin, North East New South Wales Australia.  This region is commonly known as ‘The Rainbow Region’.

My first love is fibres.  They give me the ability to manipulate and alter fibre and fabric to create wondrous things.

My other areas of interest include sculptures, dyeing with rusty objects and creating works of art with mixed media. I particularly enjoy adapting found and discarded objects to recreate art in three dimensional form, which arises from my commitment to re-use and recycle as much as possible

Being a practical hands on person I enjoy the outdoor life, gardening, bush walking, building, repairing, creating, learning new skills, working with others, being involved in community activities.

I’ve lived in this beautiful area for 35 years and have developed a strong connection with the earth and the creatures who inhabit this area with me.   My art is inspired by the environment I live in, and as a way of expressing my response to current social and political issues.


I exhibit regularly in  the Blue Knob Artists gallery and the Nimbin Artists gallery and also the Spring and Autumn Arts Exhibition in Nimbin.

Featured In

  1. -Group exhibition

  2. November 2007 Brightspace Gallery, Melbourne.


  4. sculptural pieces.

  5. -Group exhibition

  6. March 2008

  7. South Australian Museum


  9. Sculptural pieces.

Current Show

Nimbin Artists Gallery


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